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General Supplies

General Supplies

Please Note: Items that are listed within our clearance section are available in limited quantities, be sure to check the number available. All items are sold “as is“ and no exchanges or returns will be given.

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  1. Manual Needle Driver

    Manual Needle Driver

    Manual Needle Driver.
    Aluminum Handle. Easy to use, good for arthritic or small hands. 1/ea.


    Kelco Item: 424965
  2. Monarch Reflector

    Monarch Reflector

    Monarch Reflector.
    16" Dia. 2-3/4" shank.1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 556483
  3. Carbon Scalpel Blade: #27

    #27 Carbon Scalpel Blade

    Carbon Scalpel Blade.
    #27. Fits scalpel handle Beaver #7. Non-sterile. Individually wrapped. 12/pk.

    Kelco Item: 37354
  4. Sharpsafe Container

    Sharpsafe Container

    Sharpsafe Container.
    Puncture, fluid, impact and solvent-resistant. Press release flip-top lid secures contents while in use. Locking device secures contents during transport to final disposal. Convenient carrying handle. 4-1/4"W x 1-3/4"D x 8-3/4"H.

    Kelco Item: 562211
  5. VioNex Skin Lotion

    VioNex Skin Lotion

    VioNex Skin Lotion.
    Latex safe skin lotion. Relieves dry, chapped skin. Does not contain mineral oil or petrolatum that causes microscopic breakdown of latex gloves. 4 oz. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 516716
  6. Sharps Management: 1-1/2 Gallon

    Sharps Management

    Sharps Management.
    Use as you would a regular dry sharps container. Once container is full, add the contents of the two catalyst packets into the sharps container to begin the solidification and heat disinfection reaction that converts the liquid solution into a polymer matrix gel that terminally encapsulates the disposed sharps. Approved for landfill disposal in many states. 1-1/2 gallon. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 525332
  7. Metrilube Spray

    Metrilube Spray

    Metrilube Instrument Lubricant
    Oil-based lubricant that helps prevent spotting, staining, rusting and freezing up of surgical instruments. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 317062
  8. Acrylic Chart Holder: Clear

    Acrylic Chart Holder: Clear

    Acrylic Chart Holder: Clear.
    Clear acrylic chart holder saves counter space and keeps files organized. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 310231
  9. File Card Size Lamination Pouch

    File Card Lamination Pouch

    File Card Lamination Pouch.
    Thickness: 3 mil. 3-1/2"W x 5-1/2"H. 100/pk.

    Kelco Item: 520578
  10. Stearic Molded Candle

    Stearic Molded Candle: 25"H x 1-1/4" Dia.

    Stearic Molded Candle.
    Extra hard pure white wax with self-fitted end. 25"H x 1-1/4" Dia. 6/pk.

    Kelco Item: 302147

10 Item(s)

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