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Cremator Tools

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  1. Retort Rollers

    Retort Rollers

    Retort Rollers.
    Heavy-duty cardboard rollers are 1/4"thick and will not collapse. Easily consumed during cremation and enhance combustion efficiency by elevating container. Reduces friction abrasion of retort floor. 60/pk.

    Kelco Item: 511277
  2. Loading Tool

    Loading Tool

    Loading Tool.
    4-foot rigid loading tool designed out of 3/4" pipe with a 3" flat bar surface for ease of loading any type of casket or cremation container. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 525589
  3. Repositioning/Clean-Out Tool

    Repositioning/Clean-Out Tool

    Repositioning/Clean-Out Tool.
    Designed for easy positioning and clean-out of remains. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 524416
  4. Clean-Out Block Brush

    Clean-Out Block Brush

    Clean-Out Block Brush.
    Heavy duty steel clean-out brush designed to prevent damage to your hearth. A 45 degree angle allows for easy removal of cremation remains.
    Replacement brush available.

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  5. Retort Brush

    Retort Brush

    Retort Brush.
    Metal alloy wire brushes. Handle attaches to 1/2" threaded pipe or 3/8" conduit. 1/ea.

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  6. Transfer Pan

    Transfer Pan

    Transfer Pan.
    Place the remains from the ash pan to the transfer pan for cooling, then to the processor. The unique, light weight, stainless steel pan is easy to handle. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 525674
  7. Retrieval Pan

    Retrieval Pan

    Retrieval Pan.
    12 gauge Stainless steel. Easy retrieval of small capacity cremations. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 512281
  8. Multi-Lift Hand Magnet

    Multi-Lift Hand Magnet

    Multi-Lift Hand Magnet.
    Effectively cull iron or steel pieces from ash. Fingertip pull retracts magnet. One to two pound capacity. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 515418
  9. Hand-Held Metal Detector

    Hand-Held Metal Detector

    Hand Held Metal Detector.
    Finds pace-maker and other metal objects easily. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 524389
  10. Urn Loader

    Urn Loader

    Urn Loader.
    Adjustable loading funnel easily transfers cremation remains into urn for final disposition. Features a sliding stopper on the funnel neck. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 525686

10 Item(s)

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