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Temporary Containers

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  1. Urn Liners with Ties

    Urn Liners with Ties

    Urn Liners with Ties.
    Heavy-duty gussetted polybag. Includes 5" nylon cable ties. 25/pk.

    Kelco Item: 526967
  2. Black Plastic Temporary Container

    Black Plastic

    Black Plastic Temporary Container.
    One-piece construction. Includes bag and tie. 24/pk.
    215 cu. in., 6-1/4"W x 4-1/4"D x 8-1/4"H.

    Kelco Item: 511285
  3. Round Metal

    Round Metal

    Round Metal Temporary Container.
    Gold-tone with friction-fit lid. Faux wood-grain mailing box included. 24/pk.
    160 cu. in. , 6" Dia. x 6-3/4"H.

    Kelco Item: 225428
  4. Cremation Container ID Label

    Cremation Container ID Label

    ID Information Label.
    Peel & Stick. White. 50/pk.

    Kelco Item: 570648
  5. Temporary Container Label

    Temporary Container Label

    Temporary Container Label.
    Peel & Stick. Fluorescent. 50/pk.

    Kelco Item: 570621
  6. Scattering Advisory Label

    Scattering Advisory Labels

    Scattering Advisory Label.
    Peel & Stick. Fluorescent. 3" x 1". 100/roll

    Kelco Item: 570613

6 Item(s)

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