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Eco-Friendly Urns

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  1. Pet Scattering Tubes

    Scattering Tubes

    Scattering Tubes.
    Designed to facilitate the scattering process or be a beautiful keepsake. 3-piece construction. Printed heavy cardboard.

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  2. Journey Earthurns


    Journeys Urn.
    Crafted from biodegradable handmade paper which is perfect for earth burials after cremation. Includes a handmade paper ribbon and a blooming heart remembrance keepsake. Includes water-soluble plastic bag to hold cremation ashes.

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  3. Salt Essence

    Salt Essence: 40 cu. in.

    Salt Essence Urn.
    Individually hand-crafted by skilled artisans from solid blocks of Himalayan Rock Salt that is over 250 million years old. Dissolves in 4 hours when placed in water. Top opening lid.
    40 cu. in., 4" Dia. x 6-3/4"H. 3 lbs.

    Kelco Item: 537665

3 Item(s)

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