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Hair & Nail Care

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  1. Kel-Dry Shampoo

    Kel-Dry Shampoo

    Kelco ThanaTech Kel-Dry Shampoo.
    Removes undesirable organic and inorganic substances from skin, hair, fabrics and hard surfaces. Ideal for removing cosmetics and cleaning cosmetic brushes. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 50407
  2. Apple Shampoo

    Apple Shampoo

    Apple Shampoo.
    Rich moisturizing conditioning shampoo. Leaves hair with luxurious shine and smooth texture. PH balanced. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 594128
  3. Barbee Sanek Towels

    Barbee Sanek Towels

    Barbee Sanek Towels.
    Ideal for drying hair and bodies, as well as, cosmetic applications and cleanups. Soft and absorbent. 500/pk.

    Kelco Item: 296228
  4. Heavy-Duty Nail Clipper

    Heavy-Duty Nail Clipper

    Heavy-Duty Nail Clipper.
    Coiled spring tension and concave cutting edges. Safety lock grips. Chrome-plated stainless steel. 1/ea

    Kelco Item: 9636
  5. Nail File & Cleaner

    Nail File & Cleaner

    Nail File & Cleaner.
    Stainless steel, triple cut. 12/pk.

    Kelco Item: 9644

5 Item(s)

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