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Metal Urns

Metal Urns

We take great pride in offering a wide assortment of metal urns in all price points, shapes and sizes. We have recently expanded our line to offer much more selection.

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  • Forever


    Forever Urn.
    Spun pewter. Bottom-opening plate attaches with screws.

  • Solitary


    Solitary Urn.
    Sheet bronze. Bottom-opening plate attaches with screws.

  • Bronze Grecian

    Bronze Grecian

    Bronze Grecian Urn.
    Cast bronze. Top-opening threaded lid.

  • Timeless Bronze

    Timeless Bronze

    Timeless Bronze Urn.
    This bronze urn is elegant and timeless. Back opening.
    202 cu. in., 5-1/2"W x 6-3/4"D x 6-1/2"H. 7-1/4 lbs

  • American Beauty

    American Beauty

    American Beauty Urn.
    Cast bronze. Perfect surface for engraving or adding an applique that represents the life of a loved one. Bottom-opening panel attach with screws.

  • Teardrop Series

    Teardrop Series

    Teardrop Series Urn.
    An eloquent teardrop shape in various metals creates a beautiful keepsake for your loved one.

  • Silverado


    Silverado Urn.
    Spun pewter with an enameled metallic finish. Individual has top-opening threaded lid. Keepsake is bottom-opening. Shown with optional surface engraving.
    Individual: 220 cu. in., 7-1/4" Dia. x 9-1/2"H.
    Keepsake: 2 cu. in., 1-1/4" Dia x 2-1/2"H.

  • Classic Grecian

    Classic Grecian

    Classic Grecian Urn.
    A classic, heavy cast bronze in a traditional shape. Top-Opening. 1/ea.

  • Apollo


    Apollo Urn.
    Polished finished brass with a yellow brass band. Top-Opening. 1/ea.

Items 10 to 18 of 82 total

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