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Value Urns

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  • Favorite Places

    Favorite Places

    Favorite Places Urn.
    Hand-painted brass. Top-Opening.
    200 cu. in., 6-3/4" Dia. x 10-1/2"H; 2 lbs.

  • Apple Blossom

    Apple Blossom

    Apple Blossom Urn.
    Crafted from ceramic with hand-painted apple blossom design.

  • Aegean


    Aegean Urn.
    Brushed finish. Top-opening threaded lid.

  • Avalon


    Avalon Urn.
    Brushed brass. Top-opening threaded lid.

  • Galaxy & Arrowstar

    Galaxy & Arrowstar

    Galaxy & Arrowstar Urn.
    Sheet bronze. Bottom-opening base with a permanent snap-lock closure. Galaxy is rectangle and Arrowstar is square in shape. 1/ea.

  • Moments


    Moments Urn.
    Medium density fiberboard. These urns display your favorite photograph through a sliding magnetic frame concealed in the base. Bottom-opening panel attaches with screws.

  • Earthtones


    Earthtones Urn.
    Spun brass with a baked-on, painted enamel finish. Top-opening threaded lid.

  • Saturn


    Saturn Urn.
    Simulated marble. Bottom-opening threaded stopper.
    201 cu. in., 7-1/8" Sq. x 8-1/2"H. 10 lbs.

  • Eggshell


    Eggshell Urn.
    The art of Eggshell Inlays comes from China around the time of the Tang dynasty (7th to 10th Century). Craftsmen use duck eggs that have already hatched, puzzle out patterns of irregular geometry from broken off pieces of eggshell and glue each piece carefully. Then, several layers of lacquer are applied on the urn.
    200 cu. in. , 6" Dia x 11"H.

Items 19 to 27 of 38 total

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