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Cemetery Vases

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  • Textured Duotone Bronze

    Grecian Series Cemetery Vase

    Grecian Series Cemetery Vase.
    Full view locking vase. Die-cast zinc finished exterior and interior. Vase features raised wreath design on both sides. Stainless steel casings with color-matched, die-cast zinc rims. 1/ea.

  • Steel Cone Vase

    Steel Cone Vase

    Steel Cone Cemetery Vase.
    Sturdy, practical, pointed-bottom style vase with a 3" permanent stem. Constructed of steel with with a baked green enamel finish. Guaranteed leak-proof for lasting value and performance. 5" Dia. x 9-1/2"H. 36/pk.

  • Thrifty Series Half-Level: Duotone Bronze

    Thrifty Series Cemetery Vases

    Thrifty Series Cemetery Vase.
    Half-level or ground-level. Die-cast textured zinc finishes exterior and interior. Casing and rims are color & texture matched polymer. Finger holes for handling and bouquet tie-downs. 1/ea.

  • Eaton Series: Smooth Monotone Silver

    Eaton Series Cemetery Vases

    Eaton Series Cemetery Vase.
    Half-Level. Created from die-cast zinc. Locking vase feature provides stability. Flange around bottom of casing resists frost-heaving. Tapered vase prevents clogging. Finger notches in casing rim. 1/ea.

  • Utility Series Cemetery Vase

    Utility Series Cemetery Vase

    Utility Series Cemetery Vase.
    Ground-level. Economical and durable. Vase and casing are constructed of unfinished galvanized steel. 1/ea.

  • Plastic Cone Cemetery Vase: Stone

    Plastic Cone Cemetery Vase

    Plastic Cone Cemetery Vase.
    Round-bottom style with 3" detachable stem. Crafted from tough, long lasting plastic with classic fluted look. 12/pk.

  • Steel Vase Auger

    Steel Vase Auger

    Steel Vase Auger.
    Ideal for extensive vase setting with minimal fatigue and clean-up. Heavy-duty 4" hole cutter with built-in plug remover. Constructed from steel with a wooden handle. 1/ea.

7 Item(s)

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