Creme Foundation: Dark-Tone 1X


Creme Foundation.
Dark-Tone 1X. Provides silky translucent coverage that glides on smoothly and evenly. Provides hydration to minimize the appearance of the lines. 1/ea.

Creme Foundation
Dark-Tone 1X. Provides velvety opaque coverage for isolated discolorations e.g. echymosis, purpura, petichiae, contusions, lesions, restored tissue areas, etc. Provides opaque coverage for areas of broad tissue discoloration e.g. jaundice, carbon dioxide poisoning, exposure, decomposition, etc. Depending on coverage requirements and personal preference. May be applied with cosmetics brushes, cosmetic sponges, finger tips or any combination of methods. Feathers, blends and finishes for a consistent and uniform appearance. .35 oz. 1/ea.


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