Mission Statement

Like you're there for your families, we're there for you. ™

 Kelco Supply Company is the supplier dedicated to serving funeral professionals.  Our core mission is to provide our clients with the same exemplary level of service and respect that they provide for the deceased and bereaved.


Core Values:

HONESTY - Our interactions with business partners reflect truthfulness and integrity.  We are open and honest in dealing with each other as colleagues.


TRUST - We serve our business partners with the knowledge that they have an expectation of us; meeting their business needs. They depend on Kelco to deliver.  We trust in each other that each is working for the overall success of Kelco.


COOPERATIVE – We have set the stage to have a supportive working environment and a collaborative work ethic.  We are a team of people who work together for the mutual benefit of all involved.


APPRECIATIVE - We are tremendously grateful for our customers and staff members.  Without them we would cease to exist.  We strive to be supportive, encouraging, and responsive in all of our transactions and communications with those that surround us.


RESPECTFUL – We are courteous and gracious in all interactions with business partners and colleagues alike.