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Body & Feature Posing

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  • Arm & Hand Positioner

    Arm-Hand Hook Positioner

    Arm & Hand Hook Positioner.
    Satin finish aluminum hooks are attached to an adjustable nylon belt for easy, secure positioning of hands, wrists, forearms and upper arms. 1/ea.

  • Wrist & Hand Positioner

    Wrist & Hand Loop Positioner

    Wrist & Hand Loop Positioner.
    Nylon straps with adjustable velcro loops to secure and position wrists and hands. 1/ea.

  • Jaw Positioner

    Jaw Positioner

    Jaw Positioner.
    Nylon strap with velcro tabs.Holds lower jaw in desired position for placement and securing of injector needles. 1/ea.

  • Adjustable Chin Support

    Adjustable Chin Support

    Adjustable Chin Support.
    Place unit between chin and collar bone and adjust to desired position. Will not leave impressions on skin. 1/ea.

  • Throat Collar

    Throat Collar

    Throat Collar.
    Latex collar is contoured to fit anterior and lateral aspects of the neck. Ties securely in desired position. Unit is filled with water of desired temperature and applied prior to, during or after the embalming procedure. 1/ea.

  • Snip-Tip Trocar Buttons

    Snip-Tip Trocar Buttons

    Snip-Tip Trocar Buttons.
    Flesh-tone plastic buttons with unique snip-tip feature. Cut the tip of the button to create a vented safety pressure release. 144/pk.

  • Trocar Screws

    Trocar Screws

    Trocar Screws.
    White plastic screws with single applicator slot. 144/pk.

  • Multi-Closure Screws

    Plastic Multi-Closure

    Multi-Closure Screws.
    Clear plastic screws. Two-prong applicator holes. Larger than a trocar button. 50/pk.

  • Trocar Button Applicator

    Two-Prong Button Applicator

    Trocar Button Applicator.
    Two-Prong. Used to safely secure any trocar button. Hexagonal handle design facilitates leverage and pressure for trocar button application. 1/ea.

Items 10 to 18 of 35 total

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