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Trocar Buttons & Closures

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  1. Snip-Tip Trocar Buttons

    Snip-Tip Trocar Buttons

    Snip-Tip Trocar Buttons.
    Flesh-tone plastic buttons with unique snip-tip feature. Cut the tip of the button to create a vented safety pressure release. 144/pk.

    Kelco Item: 407607
  2. Trocar Screws

    Trocar Screws

    Trocar Screws.
    White plastic screws with single applicator slot. 144/pk.

    Kelco Item: 408336
  3. Multi-Closure Screws

    Plastic Multi-Closure

    Multi-Closure Screws.
    Clear plastic screws. Two-prong applicator holes. Larger than a trocar button. 50/pk.

    Kelco Item: 547867
  4. Trocar Button Applicator

    Two-Prong Button Applicator

    Trocar Button Applicator.
    Two-Prong. Used to safely secure any trocar button. Hexagonal handle design facilitates leverage and pressure for trocar button application. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 41882
  5. Adkins Trocar Buttons & Applicator

    Adkins Trocar Buttons & Applicator

    Adkins Trocar Buttons & Applicator.
    Seals large and small openings.

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  6. A/V Closure

    A/V Closure

    A/V Closure.
    White plastic closure designed for safely securing orifices against leakage or purge. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 547808

6 Item(s)

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