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Biosafety Level 4 Containment

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  1. BioSeal Wall Mount System

    BioSeal Wall Mount System

    The wall-mount rack will enable the accessible use of the System5® material without having any device touching the floor. The sophisticated BioSeal System5® material provides the highest level of containment (BSL-4) for all dangerous gases and fluids associated with the transport, handling and storage of biohazardous materials in the death care industry. Kelco Item: 27179
  2. BioSeal Portable System

    BioSeal: Portable System

    BioSeal Portable System.
    Ideal for mobile protection. This fully-kitted, battery powered system includes everything you need to provide Biosafety Level 4 containment. Accommodates approximately 12 decedents.

    Kelco Item: 27172
  3. BioSeal Facility System

    BioSeal: Facility System

    BioSeal Facility System.
    Ideal for human remains containment and shipping. Designed specifically to meet the needs of funeral directors, coroners and others who process a high-volume of decedents. Accommodates approximately 45 decedents.

    Kelco Item: 27171
  4. TC BodyBag

    TC BodyBag

    BioSeal TC BodyBag.
    Constructed from layers of strong plastic. Translucent, self-sealing containment device for human remains. Can be trimmed to fit any size of remains, then stored, shipped, or cremated. Each bag comes lined with a proprietary adhesive formula that will not stick to any surface other than itself, making it perfectly safe around the delicate tissue of remains. Carrying capacity up to 275 lbs. 108”L x 40”W. 10/pk. STOCK IS LIMITED! PLEASE CONTACT KELCO FOR AVAILABILITY.

    Kelco Item: 27176
  5. Hand-Held ThermoSealer

    Hand-Held ThermoSealer

    Hand-Held ThermoSealer.
    For use with BioSeal Containment Systems. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 27175
  6. BioSeal Replacement Roll: 150'

    BioSeal Replacement Roll: 150'

    BioSeal Replacement Roll.
    Material roll. Approx. 25 decedents. 150' x 36". 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 27177

6 Item(s)

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