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Traffic Control

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  1. Portable Self Folding Sign: Funeral Parking Only

    Portable Self Folding Sign

    Portable Self Folding Sign.
    Traffic control signs. Yellow background with black lettering. Tubular metal legs with rubber tips and chrome-plated handles. 1/ea.

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  2. Meter Covers - Reserved

    Meter Covers - Reserved

    Blue heavy-duty fabric with white lettering, slips easily and securely over standard parking meters. Available with "RESERVED" message or "FUNERAL" message. Kelco Item: 84119
  3. Traffic Cone: Funeral

    Traffic Cone

    Traffic Cone.
    Fluorescent orange poly-vinyl with lettering on both sides. 1/ea.

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  4. Meter Cover

    Meter Cover

    Meter Cover.
    Constructed of blue weatherproof duck material with "Funeral" in white lettering on one side. 1/ea.

    Kelco Item: 84115
  5. Hand Held Sign

    Hand Held Sign

    Hand Held Sign.
    Red enamel, lightweight aluminum sign with white lettering on both sides.

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  6. Safe-T-Vest


    Fluorescent orange open weave mesh. Velcro closure in front with adjustable side bindings.

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6 Item(s)

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