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Values of Low Index Embalming Fluids

Values of Low Index Embalming Fluids
By Mike Bjerum CFSP—Senior Technical Advisor at KELCO Supply

Lowering Your Formaldehyde Exposure Risk

Embalmers are receiving two cautions at the same time these days.  On one side government agencies are advising and even mandating in some areas that lower levels of formaldehyde be used.  On the other side researchers are advising that we increase the levels of disinfection and preservation in our embalming process to meet the health conditions and treatments human bodies are subjected to today.

There are many sources of airborne formaldehyde, and embalmers work hard to lower the risk from as many sources as possible.  One often overlooked source of exposure is the embalming fluid in the bottle.  Whether it is formaldehyde gas coming out of solution or aerosolization of the fluid, the simple procedure of opening a bottle releases formaldehyde into the air, and transferring fluids to an embalming machine or other container increases the exposure.

The health risks and concerns surrounding formaldehyde have lead to the development of many formaldehyde free 
products.  However, removing aldehydes from our process comes at a price.  Flaccid bodies, poor feature appearance, and rushed services due to lack of lasting preservation are just a few of the complaints tied to formaldehyde free products.

ThanaTech by Kelco maintains three arterial fluids and a semi-fumeless cavity fluid, all below 20 index, to provide a 
common sense solution to the concerns of meeting the needs and wishes of a grieving family while also minimizing 
environmental dangers.  Keljaundice, Keltone 15, Lanobase 18, and Kelcavex 17/35 give the embalmer the tools 
necessary to gain enough disinfection and fixation within the body for a comforting presentation while limiting exposure
 to formaldehyde.

Kelco Supply Company’s Gold Series fluids help lower your exposure risks.  Keltone 15, Kelartisol 20 and Lanobase 18 
arterial fluids provide the same superior results as all of our embalming fluids, but they have the added benefit of lowering the 
formaldehyde exposure risk to the embalmer.  For cavity or viscera treatment Kelcavex 17/35 is a semi-fumeless choice that provides an initial index of 17 but will react to an index of 35 for a potent and comprehensive cavity treatment, a feature that also assures the lowest 
possible exposure risk.

Low Index Fluids ARE the answer!  By choosing chemicals with lower concentrated index the 
embalmer experiences less formaldehyde 
exposure when opening and preparing chemicals for injection, and gains greater control over the embalming reaction within the body.

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